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Building control records and moving home


Building control records and moving home

Where can I get a copy of my Completion Certificate?

If work was completed before June 2017, you should contact your local council to obtain a copy of your completion certificate.

For Mole Valley residents, please use their Building Control Search.

For Reigate & Banstead residents, please contact .

For Tandridge residents, please use their Contact Form .

Southern Building Control Partnership only keeps copies of completion certificates that have been issued since June 2017 and you should use our Contact Form to request a copy certificate.

Work was completed but a Certificate was not issued

Under the building regulations you must notify us no more than 5 days after your project is complete. This is so that we can carry out a final inspection of the work and issue your completion certificate.

If you did not get a completion certificate at that time, you will be unable to do so now. To help you, we can however provide you with our standard letter which explains the position and confirms the last date of inspection. Please use our Contact Form if you would like us to do this.

How long will it take to issue a standard letter?

Please allow up to 5 working days from receipt of your request to review the application file and provide you with a response.

Work has been carried out, but I didn't apply for Building Regulations

If you didn’t apply for building regulations at the time the works were carried out, you can apply to have the work regularised, provided it was started after 10 November 1985.

A Regularisation application may mean that works have to be opened up or additional information provided.  There is no guarantee that we will then issue a regularisation certificate. This will depend on the standard of the work meeting the building regulations at that time and all the necessary information being supplied. To find out how to regularise older works, please read our advice on types of applications.





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