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Property history searches

The property market in our area is buoyant.  As a result, we receive a high volume of requests for help with locating the documents needed as part of a sales process. The information on this page explains the process for obtaining copy completion certificates and carrying out a building control property history search. 

If a completion certificate has never been issued or work was carried out but building regulations weren't applied for at the time, please read the guidance here.

Copy completion certificates

Prior to June 2017

Copy completion certificates can be requested by the property owner from our three individual councils. (A charge may be payable.) Please contact them below. To help speed up the process, give as much detail as possible, including dates, full address and building regulations application numbers.

June 2017 onwards

Southern Building Control Partnership is a council service, however we only hold copies of completion certificates that have been issued since June 2017. If you need a copy completion certificate from June 2017 onwards, we make a charge of £25 per certificate (payable before the certificate is issued). Please use our Contact Form to make a request.

It is helpful if you can provide the building regulations application number(s) in your request.  If you do not have these, use our free online search here. Please allow five working days for us to respond to your request.

If a completion certificate was never received

Please see the information here.

Carry out an online property history search 

The simplest and quickest way to find historical building control application information for a property in Mole Valley, Reigate & Banstead or Tandridge is to use our online search facility. You will find information going back to 2000 for Reigate & Banstead and Tandridge properties and from *1 June 2017 for Mole Valley.

To carry out a search via address or application number, please visit the web page here for more information. This search facility is free of charge and will return a short summary of the work which has taken place, including competent persons scheme and Initial Notice information.   

*Mole Valley District Council provides a free online property history search facility for applications prior to 1 June 2017 here.

Our online search does not replace a full Land Charges search provided by our three member authorities, and we take no responsibility for errors/omissions in the information returned via our online search. 

Request a full Land Charges search of a property

The links below will direct you to the member authorities' websites. Please note there is a charge payable for a Land Charges search and you will find details on the individual websites.