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Under the Building Act, if you wish to demolish or partly demolish a building you must notify Building Control.  We can then make sure there is minimum inconvenience to the public and occupiers of adjacent properties. There are also certain legal requirements which you must satisfy as the person intending to carry out the work. 

Further information regarding demolitions and what you need to know and do, can be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive.

What you need to do

If you intend to demolish a building that is 50m3 or more (or part of it) you must give us notice under Section 80 of The Building Act 1984.

  • this should be submitted using our Demolition Notice six weeks prior to demolition and should include a site plan
  • you will also need to give notice to utility services such as gas, water and electricity
  • you will need to give written notice to adjoining owners and/or occupiers
  • site plans can be bought from ReQuestaPlan.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your Demolition Notice

  • we issue you with a Section 81 Notice and a list of actions you need to take before demolition starts
  • one of our building control surveyors will make a site visit when demolition starts to make sure you have complied
  • after demolition is complete you should clear the site and make sure it is safe.

Do you need planning permission?

Planning permission may also be needed. Before you start the demolition work you should check with the Planning Department of the local authority where the demolition will take place.