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Building Control

Building Control ensures any work on new construction, conversions, alterations and extensions is carried out to the minimum requirements of the Building Regulations under the Building Act 1984.

The Building Regulations are a set of performance standards for the design and construction of buildings, covering health, safety and welfare. As a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) team we ensure that any relevant work complies with these requirements. Building Control does not give you permission to build something or alter it. This is called Planning Permission and is the responsibility of the Planning department of your Local Authority.  

As part of LABC, the largest Building Control body in England and Wales, we can offer the expertise, skills ands resources of over 3,700 professionals. Within our own team we work collaboratively with owners, architects, architectural technicians, developers, builders and other construction professionals to ensure building projects achieve the standards defined in the Building Regulations. We do this by offering advice before work starts and throughout the build, checking plans and carrying out site inspections. Our building control surveyors and structural engineers all have a thorough knowledge of the Building Regulations, local conditions and other relevant British Standards, codes of practice and guidance.

To help guide you through the Building Control process you will find a wealth of information on our websiteLABC also has a wide range of helpful resources and guidance for homeowners and construction professionals.

When you have finished your project, getting the work certified by LABC proves to you and future owners that it complied with the Building Regulations. To issue a completion certificate we need to have carried out a satisfactory final inspection and received any relevant competent person information where for example you have had new electrical work done or a new gas bolier installed as part of your project.

To make a Building Regulations application please visit our online Application Portal.