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Approved Documents

The Building Regulations are approved by Parliament and deal with the minimum standards of design and building work for the construction of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. The Building Regulations contain a list of requirements designed to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings; to provide for energy conservation; and provide access and facilities for people with disabilities. These requirements are expressed in broad, functional terms in order to give designers and builders the maximum flexibility in preparing their plans.

Each part is supported by an Approved Document which reproduces the requirement contained in the Building Regulations. This is followed by practical and technical guidance, with examples, on how the regulations can be met in some of the more common building situations. However, there may well be alternative ways of complying with the requirements to those shown. You are therefore under no obligation to adopt any particular solution shown in an Approved Document if you prefer to meet the requirements in some other way. If an alternative method is used, proof would be required to show that the alternative approach is at least equivalent to that shown in the Approved Documents.

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** Please note there are amendments to Approved Document B1 and B2, detailed in the document Amendments to Approved Documents April 2019, above. This document should therefore viewed alongside them.